Tiffany Alvord wishes me happy birthday!

Tiffany Alvord - Wishes me happy birthday!00:13

Tiffany Alvord - Wishes me happy birthday!

This is so exciting...! I can't even...!

Tiffany Alvord is my all time favorite artist and everything, so it might not come as a shock that this made me go trough the roof! =P

Also know that it's my birthday today.

Tiffany is on her West Coast tour with Jason Chen right now and some of my fellow Tiffanatics are there, and they did this for me!

This made my day complete (maybe even my life so far :P), there is no way I can describe the feeling, yeah I know, you might think it's silly, but I don't! This means so much to me you have no idea :D

Tiffany wishing me happy birthday

Thanks guys for doing this for me! Love you! <3 (Even though they might not read this)

Always sm:)e!

~Xo MinniHowl (talk)

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