If you intend to add any pictures to this wiki you are expected to read and follow these rules.

Also read our site policy and chat policy.


  1. All images shall have a clear name and say/describe something about the image.
  2. Images are to be submitted to the correct gallery.
  3. All images should be from a reliable source. Tumblr, fanpop, google links or similar sites are not considered reliable.
  4. No images are not to be added twice.
    1. You are permitted to check if the image already exists.
    2. If you have two similar pictures or screen captures, only one will need to be uploaded. We do not want our galleries overflowed with almost the same pictures.
  5. Do not upload reproduction of images with neon colors or similar.
  6. To not have read these policies is no excuse for breaking them.

Screen capture imagesEdit

  1. If you have two similar screen captures from videos and such, only one will need to be uploaded. We do not want our galleries overflowed with several stills from one scene.
  2. Fan art belong to their respective owners and if the author wish for its removal it will be removed regardless.
    1. All fan art names should contain the name of its respective owners. For example: "Tiffany in Never Lover Boy by (insert name here)".

User imagesEdit

  1. You may upload whatever you want to your own userpage.

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