The chat room is for socializing, you can join here.

Remember that not have read these policies are not an excuse for breaking them or for inappropriate behavior.

Also read our site policy and image policy.

Intolerable Edit

  1. We will not tolerate unneeded drama and arguing. If you have something to discuss, discuss it in a civil manner. We will not tolerate any kind of irrelevant and unnecessary drama. You may appeal to bans and discuss things in a civil manner. If you stir up drama you will get one final warning and then you will be blocked for a period of time, depending on the case.
  2. We will not tolerate any drama from any other wiki dragged onto this one, you may do so in PM's with the people included, or elsewhere.

Chat policiesEdit

Do notEdit

  • Harass any other members of the wiki.
  • Post links with explicit sexual content.
  • Impersonate any other person.
  • Ask for personal information (address, password, etc.) from another user after the user has told you not to ask.
  • Use explicit language multiple times, there may be younger children here.
  • Spam.


Emoticons are to be used for fun, but not overused. Do not use too many emoticons, as it can slow down chat and cause lag.

Other policiesEdit

  • If any chat mod tell you to stop doing something because it is disruptive, you stop doing it.
  • Common sense. If something that you know will make someone upset, annoyed or angry, do not post it. If you ask the person to stop it and they do, that is fine, but if they do not that will be considered a rule break. This also includes users who come online and "troll".
  • Spamming includes, overuse of emoticons in chat or typing the same thing over and over again.


Bans can be made by chat mods or administrators in case rules are broken.


A banned person may ask an administrator or chat mod to be unbanned if they believe the ban was not justified. You must state the name of the moderator who banned you and what exactly happened and it is best to provide proof (such as screen captures).

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