All About That Bass (cover)All I Want For Christmas Is You (cover)All of Me (cover)
Am I Wrong (cover)As Long As You Love Me (cover)Baby I Love You (single)
Back Home (cover)Beneath Your Beautiful (cover)Big Yellow Taxi (cover)
Blurred Lines (cover)Come & Get It (cover)Concerts
Don't Stop (cover)Don't You Worry Child (cover)Everybody Loves Christmas (single)
Everything Has Changed (cover)FactsFind You (cover)
Good Time (cover)Gotcha on the Run (single)Here's To Never Growing Up (cover)
Hideaway (cover)Home (cover)Hurt Me Tomorrow (cover)
I've Got It Covered (album)I've Got It Covered Vol. 3 (album)I've Got It Covered Vol. 4 (album)
I've Got it Covered Vol. 2 (album)I Knew You Were The One (single)I Knew You Were Trouble (cover)
I See Fire (cover)I Will Never Let You Down (cover)I Would (cover)
If I Could Change Your Mind (cover)If I Lose Myself (cover)It's a Small World (cover)
Jingle Bells (cover)Just Give Me A Reason (cover)Kiss You (cover)
Kissed You Good Night (cover)Legacy (album)Let Her Go (cover)
Magic (single)Megan NicoleMug Shot (cover)
My Dream (album)My Dream (single)My Heart Is (EP album)
My Heart Is (single)My Sunshine (single)Never Been Better (single)
Never Lover Boy (single)Next To Me (cover)Out Of The Woods (cover)
Pompeii (cover)Possibility (single)Problem (cover)
Project Sm:)eRAWsession in Los Angeles (EP album)Roar (cover)
Rude (cover)Say Something (cover)Shake It Off (cover)
So Alive (single)Still Into You (cover)Sweeter Than Fiction (cover)
Team (cover)That Kiss (single)The Breakdown (single)
The Edge Of Glory (cover)The Reason is You (single)This Is Just The Start (single)
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Titanium (cover)Unconditionally (cover)Unforgettable (single)
Wake Me Up (cover)Want You Back (cover)We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together (cover)
Welcome-message-wall-anonWrecking Ball (cover)Young & Beautiful (cover)
Young Volcanoes (cover)
File:"My Heart Is"- special pre-releaseFile:"My Sunshine" (Original Song) by Tiffany AlvordFile:"Possibility" - Tiffany Alvord 2009 version
File:"That Kiss" (Original Song) by Tiffany AlvordFile:"The Breakdown" (Original Song) by Tiffany AlvordFile:(Kissed You) Good Night - Chester See and Tiffany Alvord (Chester's version)
File:(Kissed You) Good Night - Tiffany Alvord and Chester See (Tiffany's version)File:004.JPGFile:021.JPG
File:10006186 289487047868651 239460332 n.jpgFile:10577127 996994910325515 8102723178236370584 n.jpgFile:10699717 545403438928032 7296255811432914548 o zps79b56fee.jpg
File:11219378 936404516422103 1447472709447573610 n.jpgFile:11667410 1530428047196807 5979496762057617816 n.jpgFile:15240 296260807172554 1695032457 n.jpg
File:20121024-taylor-swift-624x420-1351091850.jpgFile:25500 386349109485 8042528 n.jpgFile:533637 10150971514047824 1140613385 n.jpg
File:After recording I Will Never Let You Down - May 5, 2014.jpgFile:All About That Bass - Tiffany Alvord Ft. Tevin AlvordFile:All I Want For Christmas Is You, cover.jpg
File:All I Want For Christmas Is You - TiffanyAlvordFile:All about that bass, cover.jpgFile:All of Me - Tiffany Alvord
File:All of me cover.jpgFile:Am I Wrong - Tiffany AlvordFile:Am i wrong, cover.jpg
File:Apreal0.jpgFile:Apreal08.jpgFile:As Long As You Love - Tiffany Alvord
File:As long as you love me, cover.jpgFile:AwesomnessTV logo.pngFile:Baby, I Love You - Official Music Video
File:Baby I Love You, cover.jpgFile:Back Home - Andy Grammer & Tiffany Alvord (Acoustic Version)File:Behind The Scenes of "Gotcha On the Run"
File:Beneath Your Beautiful - Tiffany Alvord & Chester SeeFile:Beneath your beautiful, cover.jpgFile:Big Yellow Taxi (Paved Paradise) - Tiffany Alvord
File:Big yellow taxi cover.jpgFile:Blurred Lines - Megan Nicole Tiffany Alvord feat. EppicFile:Blurred Lines - Tiffany Alvord & Megan Nicole ft. Eppic
File:Blurred Lines Remix - Eppic, Megan Nicole, and Tiffany AlvordFile:Come & Get It - by Tiffany, Tyler, & ChesterFile:Come and get it, cover.jpg
File:Don't Stop - Tiffany AlvordFile:Don't You Worry Child - Tiffany AlvordFile:Don't stop, cover.jpeg
File:Don't you worry child, cover.jpgFile:Download (3).jpgFile:Download (4).jpg
File:Everbody Loves Christmas, cover.jpgFile:Everybody Loves Christmas - Original Music VideoFile:Everything Has Changed - Tiffany Alvord Ft. Allstar Weekend
File:Everything has changed, cover.jpgFile:Example.jpgFile:Exclusive LEGACY sneak peek
File:Find You - Tiffany Alvord ft. Fresh Big Mouf and Jun CurryahnFile:Find you cover.jpgFile:Forum new.gif
File:Good Time - Tiffany Alvord & Jason ChenFile:Good time, cover.jpgFile:Gotcha on the Run - Original Music Video
File:Gotcha on the run, cover.jpgFile:Here's To Never Growing Up, cover.pngFile:Here's To Never Growing Up - Tiffany Alvord (Cover)
File:Home, cover.jpgFile:Home - Tiffany Alvord & Clara CFile:Hurt Me Tomorrow, cover.jpg
File:Hurt Me Tomorrow - K'NAAN (Cover) Tiffany AlvordFile:Hurt Me Tomorrow - Tiffany AlvordFile:I've got it covered, cover.jpg
File:I've got it covered Vol. 2, cover.jpgFile:I've got it covered Vol. 2, cover 2.jpgFile:I've got it covered vol. 3.jpg
File:I've got it covered vol 4, cover.jpegFile:I Knew You Were The One - Tiffany Alvord (Lyric Video)File:I Knew You Were The One - Tiffany Alvord (Official Music Video)
File:I Knew You Were Trouble, cover.jpgFile:I Knew You Were Trouble (acoustic) - Taylor SwiftFile:I Knew You Were Trouble - Tiffany Alvord
File:I See Fire - Tiffany AlvordFile:I Will Never Let You Down - Tiffany Alvord & Dave DaysFile:I Would, cover.jpg
File:I Would - Tiffany Alvord & Hollywood EndingFile:I see fire, cover.jpgFile:I will never let you down cover.jpeg
File:If I Could Change Your Mind - Tiffany, Megan, & AlexFile:If I Lose Myself - Tiffany AlvordFile:If I could change your mind cover.jpg
File:If I lose myself, cover.jpgFile:It's a Small World - Tiffany AlvordFile:Jason Chen - the covers, vol. 6.png
File:Jingle Bells - Tiffany AlvordFile:Just Give Me A Reason, cover.jpgFile:Just Give Me A Reason - Tiffany Alvord ft. Trevor Holmes
File:Kiss You - Tiffany Alvord & Jason ChenFile:Kiss you, cover.jpgFile:Legacy cover art.jpg
File:Let Her Go - Tiffany AlvordFile:Let her go, cover.jpgFile:Lorde - Tiffany Alvord
File:MAGIC - Tiffany AlvordFile:Magic - Tiffany Alvord Official Lyric VideoFile:March 20, 2013.jpg
File:Mareal08.jpgFile:May 3, 2014.jpgFile:Megan Nicole.jpeg
File:Mine.jpgFile:Mug Shot - Tiffany Alvord Feat. MAX & DannyFile:Mug shot cover.jpg
File:My Dream - Album Sneak Peek & infoFile:My Heart Is - Official Lyric VideoFile:My Heart Is - Official Music Video
File:My Heart Is - REMIX - Tiffany PLUGGED-INFile:My Sunshine - Official Music VideoFile:My dream cover.png
File:My heart is cover.jpgFile:Never Been Better - Official Lyric VideoFile:Never Been Better - Official Music Video
File:Never Lover Boy - Tiffany Alvord AcousticFile:Never Lover Boy - Tiffany Alvord Lyric VideoFile:Never Lover Boy - Tiffany Alvord Music Video
File:Next To Me - Tiffany Alvord & The Gardiner SistersFile:Next to me, cover.jpgFile:Out Of The Woods - Tiffany Alvord
File:Out of the woods, cover.jpgFile:Pompeii - Tiffany AlvordFile:Possibility - Tiffany Alvord Official Music Video
File:Problem - Tiffany Alvord & Alex GFile:Problem cover.jpgFile:Promotional picture for My Heart Is.jpg
File:RAWsession cover.jpgFile:Recording Never Lover Boy - March 10, 2012.jpgFile:Roar, cover.jpg
File:Roar - Tiffany Alvord & Jon D.File:Rude, cover.jpgFile:Rude - Tiffany Alvord
File:Say Something - Tiffany AlvordFile:Say something, cover.jpgFile:September 6, 2013.jpg
File:Shake It Off - TIffany AlvordFile:Shake it off, cover.jpgFile:Six Years On YouTube & Album Update - Tiffany Alvord
File:So Alive - Official Lyric VideoFile:So Alive - Official Music VideoFile:So Alive - Teaser
File:So Broken Up - Teaser Poster.jpgFile:Special pre-release concert on Stageit - My Heart IsFile:Still Into You - Tiffany Alvord
File:Still into you, cover.jpgFile:Sweeter Than Fiction - Tiffany AlvordFile:Sweeter than fiction, cover.jpg
File:Ta.jpgFile:Team cover.jpgFile:That Kiss - Official Music Video
File:That Kiss cover.jpgFile:The Breakdown - Official Lyric VideoFile:The Breakdown - Official Music Video
File:The Edge Of Glory - Tiffany AlvordFile:The Making of "The Breakdown" Music VideoFile:The Reason is You - Official Music Video
File:The Reason is You cover.jpgFile:This Is Just The Start - Official Music VideoFile:This Kiss, cover.jpg
File:This Kiss - Tiffany AlvordFile:This is just the start cover.jpgFile:Tif-FUN-y glasses - March 8, 2013.jpg
File:Tiff.jpgFile:Tiff2.jpgFile:Tiffany's Concert Rehearsal - Tiffany Takeover Ep. 2
File:Tiffany - June 3, 2014.jpgFile:Tiffany - photoshoot 2013.jpgFile:Tiffany Alvord - It's A Small World (Disney Parks)
File:Tiffany Alvord - Wishes me happy birthday!File:Tiffany Alvord Dream World Official GameFile:Tiffany Alvord My Dream photoshoot.jpg
File:Tiffany Alvord promotional picture.jpegFile:Tiffany Takeover - Official TrailerFile:Tiffany Takeover Ep.12
File:Tiffany Takeover Ep.13File:Tiffany Takeover Ep. 1File:Tiffany Takeover Ep. 10
File:Tiffany Takeover Ep. 11File:Tiffany Takeover Ep. 2File:Tiffany Takeover Ep. 3
File:Tiffany Takeover Ep. 4File:Tiffany Takeover Ep. 5File:Tiffany Takeover Ep. 6
File:Tiffany Takeover Ep. 7File:Tiffany Takeover Ep. 8File:Tiffany Takeover Ep. 9
File:Tiffany Takeover Episode 14File:Tiffany Takeover logo.pngFile:Tiffany and Alex G. - August 10, 2012.jpg
File:Tiffany and Alex G. - May 28, 2014.jpgFile:Tiffany and Megan Nicole - August 17, 2013.jpgFile:Tiffany and friends - December 10, 2013.jpg
File:Tiffany and friends - December 23, 2012.jpgFile:Tiffany hat.jpgFile:Tiffany jamming on guitar - February 2, 2014.jpg
File:Tiffany love you-3.jpegFile:Tiffany on stage in London, 2013.JPGFile:Tiffany smiling portrait.jpg
File:Tiffany wearing antlers - December 27, 2013.jpgFile:Tiffany wearing glasses.jpgFile:Tiffany wishing me happy birthday.png
File:Tiffany with Eeyore plush - January 22, 2014.jpgFile:Tiffany with Minnie ears - september 5, 2015.pngFile:Tiffany with friends - Agust 20, 2013.jpg
File:Titanium (Acoustic) - Tiffany AlvordFile:Unconditionally, cover.jpgFile:Unconditionally - Tiffany Alvord
File:Unforgettable, cover.jpgFile:Unforgettable.jpgFile:Unforgettable - Official Music Video
File:Wake Me Up - Tiffany AlvordFile:Wake me up, cover.jpegFile:Want U Back - Tiffany Alvord & Dave Days
File:Want you back, cover.jpgFile:We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together - Tiffany AlvordFile:We Don't Talk Anymore - Charlie Puth Ft. Selena Gomez - Tiffany Alvord & Future Sunsets (Cover)
File:We Don't Talk Anymore - Tiffany Alvord & Future SunsetsFile:We are never ever getting back together, cover.jpgFile:Wiki-background
File:Wiki-wordmark.pngFile:Wrecking Ball - Tiffany AlvordFile:Wrecking ball, cover.jpg
File:Young & beautiful, cover.jpgFile:Young Volcanoes - Tiffany AlvordFile:Young and Beautiful - Tiffany Alvord
File:Young volcanoes, cover.jpg