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Tiffany Alvord

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August 12, 2014


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"Legacy" is Tiffany Alvord's third album. The album contains only original music only, and has mostly non-love songs, however when Tiffany discovered this she added some.

The album is available on iTunes.


  • Legacy will be Tiffany's 3rd original album and 7th album all together counting RAWsession in Los Angeles.
  • This album has 14 tracks. [2]
    • The album was available for pre-order on June 2, 2014.
  • This album does not have the country touch as her previous album "My Heart Is" has.
  • This album is available as a physical CD, released about a month after the digital release.
  • Tiffany loves all her songs, but "The Other Half Of Me" is her all over favorite from the album.[3]
  • Originally Tiffany had 13 songs, but she made it 14 later when her mother told her 13 was an odd number and reminded Tiffany she didn’t like odd numbers.[4]
  • She loves the style, production and sound of the album. They're more fun and upbeat.[5]

Track ListEdit

Year Song Artist Notes
2014 Tightrope Tiffany Alvord
2014 Legacy Tiffany Alvord
2014 The Other Half of Me Tiffany Alvord
2014 I Wish Tiffany Alvord
2014 Pour a Little Heaven on Me Tiffany Alvord
2014 Magic Tiffany Alvord
2014 I Knew You Were the One Tiffany Alvord
2014 Aftereffect Tiffany Alvord
2014 A Little Love Tiffany Alvord
2014 Over for Good Tiffany Alvord
2014 Walk Away Tiffany Alvord First posted on YouTube September 19, 2013.
2014 Mother Always Told Me Tiffany Alvord
2014 Hate to Tell You Tiffany Alvord
2014 Fall Together Tiffany Alvord



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